Salvador Dali, 1973

MASTERS of the Fontainebleau School French painters (second half of the 16th century)

Le Primatice

Francois Clouet

Alexandre-Evariste FRAGONARD
Not accurate, as Diane is wearing pink rather than black and white

A bust of Diane de Poitiers
The Louvre, Paris

The Drowning of Britomartis, 1547–59 Probably designed by Jean Cousin the Elder (French, ca. 1500–ca. 1560); possibly woven by Pierre II Blasse and Jacques Langlois (both French, active 1540–60) Wool and silk; 15 ft. 3 in. x 9 ft. 6 in. (4.65 x 2.9 m), Metropolitan Museum, New York.
The central figure is Diane.
The detail around the hem of her skirt is the HD monogram.