iane's Other Homes

Diane had four homes in Paris. Unfortuately, only one is still standing today.

Hotel Barbette:

Etienne Barbette, master of the mint and confidential friend of Philippe le Bel, built this house in 1298. Here, under the tenancy of Isabeau de Baviere, the queen and her lover decided all the affairs of state. The Duke of Burgundy murdered of his cousin a few steps from the Hotel Barbette in the Rue des Francs-Bourgeois. Diane inherited the home from her husband.

Hotel d'Etampes:

This home, on Rue Saint-Antoine, belonged to Diane's rival, the Duchess d'Etampes. Located near Rue de Petit Musc, it was part of the Hotel Saint-Pol, once a royal residence. Diane bought the home in 1554. She was surprised to discover an underground tunnel leading from the home to the nearby Palais de Tournelles, for the convience of Anne de Pisseleu and Francios I. Diane had it filled in. It was to here that Diane retreated to await word of Henri after his accident, and from a window in this dweling that Diane watched Henri's funeral procession.


This home was located on Rue des Etuves, near Saint-Honore. It was built by Blondet de Roquencourt, who Diane had made Treasurer. He willed it to her out of gratitude.

Cour de Rohan:

Finally, we have Cour de Rohn, located on the Rue de Jardinet, just off Boulevard St Germain-des-Pres. Consisting of a quaint series of three courtyards, it is still standing today: